• Lacey-Ann Bryant

Power of Touch

From the moment of birth, through death, touch plays a powerful role in our lives. It can unlock pain and return a person to a place of feeling wholeness and at one with their body.

It is hard to oversell touch, when everything anyone can say about it sounds like a cliche. "Life changing," "healing," "feeling love," seem like more of a marketing ploy than the truth.

It isn't in fashion and you can't wear it on your feet.

Yet, these terms don't begin to really cover the surface of what the power of touch can change or turn on in an individual. It radiates out from the core allowing for an ease and light not readily available.

For me, touch isn't an ad or a way to gain followers, it's a way of reconnecting to something sacred and pure. If you think I am overselling, come in and try it for yourself.


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